2016 Launch Team

By December 28, 2015Capstone Blog

Capstone is a new church plant and we are looking for people to join our launch team. Below you will find more information about the Launch Team.
Launch Team: A team of committed individuals who will assist Capstone Church in preparing for and executing an effective launch in 2016. This is a team of people currently living in the area and on board with the vision of the church. The Launch team is in existence only through the first four services—and then the volunteers will go back to their home church if they choose to do so. The Launch Team is committed to doing four things:

1) Praying for Capstone Church and the community.
2) Being trained in the Launch Team meetings.
3) Willing to use their gifts and talents in the ministry.
4) Reaching out to and inviting believers and non-believers to the first service.

If you are interesting in joining the launch team, please email us at office@thecapstonechurch.org.

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